Understanding Workers' Compensation is impossible.

The Workers Compensation System is complex and hard to navigate.  Retaining the services of a law office is the most important step you can take.

How do you know if you need a representation.  These are some of the most frequently asked question's.

1. Will I loose my job?

2. Is my work supposed to send me to the doctor?

3. I did not report my injury right away I thought it was just a pulled a muscle, do I still have rights?

4. How will I pay my bills?

5. What doctor should I see?

6. The insurance company wants a PQME what do I do?

7. My claim has been denied by the insurance adjuster what do I do next?

8. My doctor told me that the treatment he requested was denied by the insurance adjuster, what do I do now?

9. The insurance adjuster is telling me that I am better and they are closing my claim, do I have any rights?

10. Am I entitled to a settlement?

If you have had to ask any of these questions, it is time to seek professional help. 

The Law Office of Micheal J. Hurley offers a free Workers' Compensation consultation. 

Call and make an appointment and see how we are different.

Remember if you do not get a settlement, there is no fee.

The Workers' Compensation Expert's